Concepts & sketches

The work I offer with “Sketch-up concepts” is the conceptualisation of and idea/feeling translated into a sketch-drawing of a 3D object. This is a process that normally starts with a conversation follow by the production of sketches of a sculpture or furniture depending on what the client’s desires. This exercise my repeat back and forward until the right idea is there.


I have being doing commissions and works on furniture design, illustrations and sculptures for the last decades. In my work regardless of the media there is always an emphasis on creativity and aesthetics and the right unique expression to that one idea. I like to work inspired by nature, simplicity, and what is at hand with directness and respect for the materials and its nature. I like “things” that engage our senses.


The illustrations I have made are mainly commissions for information panels. They are made combining realist photographs and drawings and put them together with a clear and simpler approach an touch of beauty.


Since 2006 to the present I have being facilitating workshops either in collaboration or in my own at Art Link, Crawford Gallery, Ocean to City and Meitheal Mara in Cork, Ireland. The workshops cover a diverts range of forms, from giant origami, to experimental drawing, recycling sculptures and currach boat building workshops. The workshops are set as a hands on workshop experience, where the participants will be fully engage on the making, emphasising creativity, participation and play as well as fueling the passion and talent of the participants.

About Eli

Originally from Catalunya, I studied photography at the IEFC in Barcelona. In 1997 I moved to Ireland and undertook a degree in sculpture at the Dun Laoghaire College. In 2006 I moved to Cork and studied furniture design and construction at CSN. Since then I have been involved in community work in Meitheal Mara, and have taken part in different art and craft exhibitions, projects and workshops in Cork and now in Catalunya.

My personal art & design practice involves work in mixed-media which I have been exploring for the past years, combining all different skills and techniques acquired. With a strong visual awareness my work moves between the experience and the simplicity of form along with the “dogma manifesto” all myriad with a bit of irony and fun. I am interested in solving visual “problems or questions” and finding the right expression.


I look forward to hearing from you.


ES +34 653 345 384